Will it be SDP or kokoomus?

Next Sunday we will have elected new members (kansanedustaja(t)) into our national parliament (eduskunta). At the moment the right wing kokoomus is No. One in the gallups, which does not necessarily mean that it will have most of the members, since there is still a lot of movement among the popularity of the biggest parties and since the elections will be very thight. This is partly due to the fact that instead of 3 larger parties we now have 4 larger, but thus smaller than earlier, parties, which are right wing kokoomus, centrist keskusta, left wing SDP and as a new among the four larger ones, nationalist perussuomalaiset.

According to the latest gallups kokoomus and SDP are on the rise and there are most supporters in SDP concerning voters being sure to vote, which has not always been the case. This equals to a situation where the biggest party will be either kokoomus or SDP. The head of keskusta did, in my opinion, quite a poor job in yesterdays TV-program where the heads of the eight largest parties discussed about a great variety of matters. While the head of keskusta is at the same time Finlands prime minister, her not so good success in the program might well lead to that keskusta will not be the party which has the prime minister position in the next government, actually it might well happen that keskusta will be left out of the government.

A lot depends also on how many people will vote. Usually the less voters the better for the right wing. This time the prognosis show that there will be 2-4% more voters than in the earlier elections.

In the end, I assume that the negotiations for the building of a new government will be very difficult and even time consuming. This is partly due to a relatively difficult national economic future and rather scary future prospects for some of us, especially for elderly people and those with small and medium incomes.

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