From Brent Oil Price to EU Army

The Brent Oil Price has hit already over USD 111 per barrel. This should get even the slowish EU decisionmakers to consider actions in Libya.

However, is the EU capable of military actions or is it more or less dependent on the US decisions required for the Nato action? If the EU is not capable without the White House OK, how could the EU act as a world power – ever? One might ask, whether it is really needed for the EU to act as a political power in the global theatre. The obvious answer is: not at all, in case we do not care about our economical situation, if we are pleased to fall behind in the economic development, and if we wish to be lead by the others to poverty and dismay.

There is though another alternative which recognizes the interdependence between the political power and the economic power including the EU, too. The recommended way is to uppgrade the strategic policy of the EU, to set up a new program for a progressive development of the competitiveness of the EU in business and to set up the EU’s own army mainly concentrating on cyber warfare but also including a nuclear weapons defense structure as well as troops and equipment for the cases like Libya today.

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