Human Rights in Belarus, Russia, Sweden and Finland

It’s with great sadness that I read the news of the inauguration of Mr Lukashenko as the president of Belarus. It is already the fourth period of his presidency and the actions against the opposition candidates were not up to the European standards today.

Hopefully, the EU, for once, can unite its opposition towards the measures taken by the authorities of Belarus in the said case. We must show the respect of human rights as the very basic value within the EU, despite of some wrongdoings even in Finland, for example that the government of Finland is not proposing to our parliament that we should ratify the ILO 169 Indigenous and Tribal Peoples Convention guaranteeing among others the land rights of the Sámi people. In this matter we stand together with Russia and Sweden whereas Norway has ratified the said convention. Shame on us. According to some national news the decision not to proceed with the law to make possible the ratification in Finland depends on the opposition of the Finnish center party, Keskusta.

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