Transatlantic Finlandisierung

The EU’s obsolete ways of acting remind us about the ways and means of European actions in the eras of colonialism and imperialism, and have been given a sad example while reading the outcome of the continued EU arms embargo on China. Even though there are plentiful of EU States believing in that it is time to cope with the realism and changed positions regarding the development of the international system, there are unfortunately still Member States and politicians in the EU that seem to glorify, as number one matter in the international relations, to obey the will of the US. You might call it transatlantic finlandisierung.

However, I wish that Ashton with her staff will continue to push for the lift of the said embargo. We are well aware about the Chinese investments in the troubled economies of certain EU Member States. It would be rewarding to notice that EU is capable of taking its place as a major power in the world politics, but as far as we continue to accept the US-Nato-EU combination as a basis for the EU security politics, we will remain weak and as captives of the transatlantic relationship.

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